Whitelisting Info

300 Whitelisted Guardians So Far!

Round 3 of Whitelisting (Coming Soon)

Keep your eyes out on the Climate Guardians' social media accounts. Keep an eye out on our social media for competitions, giveaways, and more ways you can earn a whitelisting spot for our NFT Pass presale event!

Round 2 of Whitelisting (Completed)

Starting the 24th of May, the Climate Guardians Team opened up whitelisting for a further 150 users. These spots have now been filled.

Round 1 of Whitelisting (Completed)

Starting Monday the 16th of May, the first 150 users to join our discord server and react to the Whitelisting emoji will be granted a Whitelisting spot. This will allow users to access the Climate Guardians NFT Pass Presale event!
Round 1 for the Climate Guardians Whitelisting event ended in less than 24 hours as all 150 WL spots were reserved by users in the first 18 hours of the event.