In-Game Assets

Climate Guardians Assets.
Players can collect in-game assets or units and create their own playstyle by utilizing card synergies. While non-NFT commanders and troops may have their own effects, NFTs expand upon this and give the player much more freedom when making and customizing their village and battle strategies.
Players can allow their into any structure that allows assets to be used to provide a boost in the capability of the structure, however, this depends on the type of asset used. The appearance of structures or buildings across a player's village can also be changed if the player owns any type of building of the appropriate type. This means that everyone in-game can have a unique-looking village and outposts.
Players also have the opportunity of buying land using in-game currency that allow players to build even more structures in their village without having to reclaim any outposts. This can give players a certain edge in the game as they are able to build more structures and hence be able to produce more resources passively or troops.