How It Works

Learn more about how Climate Guardians is designed.
The game is set in a fantasy-themed persistent world where the player is a forest chieftain and it is their role to take control over their village, protect it from evil and expand by attacking the enemy.
Players can expand their village in-game from a singular seed of the Tree of Life with the help of nature's helpers from plants and fungi to insects and minerals. Players can push back the corruption and evil in the forest and increase the influence of nature once more. By absorbing light coming from the sun, the rainforest can use Sols (an in-game currency) to reinvigorate itself and continue to expand and increase its influence over corruption.
Players can collect a variety of commanders and troops whether obtained from crafting, events, or through in-game purchases of units or assets. Each unique character has its own set of bonuses and synergies when deployed on the field that can make every single match unique and dynamic for the player.
Players must branch outside their village by planting a Sapling of Life to create outposts in enemy territory. Players must defend their outposts against waves of attacks from corruption and evil that lurks in the forest. Players must be prepared for the offensive by deploying their troops in the battlefield strategically. Troops will automatically find the nearest enemy to attack based on their priority targets. If there is none, troops will go directly to the enemy base and destroy it.
Successfully driving out the corruption and evil from the land will reward the player with additional building plots specifically for that outpost. Players can decide whether they want to spend more resources building additional resource production structures, unit structures for research purposes, or storage structures that can be used for storing additional resources that can help transform the wasteland back to what it once was, a thriving ecosystem and rainforest.
Players must remain vigilant in the forest as the enemy will occasionally attack one of your outposts to take their land back and once again spread corruption and evil across the forest. Players will have to make sure that their outposts are prepared and well defended. Players can defend their outposts against evil and by doing so it will grant the player a bonus in unit production for a short period of time and save the player from the trouble of rebuilding lost units or building from scratch.
Climate Guardians offers players all the above with a co-op (cooperative) experience. This means that players can match with other players that have the same or similar matchmaking rating (MMR) in order to obtain even more resources. Players can work together and defeat the enemy's fortifications, outposts and other positions held across the map - following quests and missions within campaign-style gameplay. Players should remain careful throughout their attacks on the enemy! Time is limited in-game, for each minute after the first two minutes that the enemy is not defeated, all enemy units gain bonus strength, health, and an even quicker deployment time.