Business Model

Climate Guardians Monetization Model

Climate Guardians is at its heart a Free-to-Play (F2P) mobile game. This means that players can play the game without spending any money. Ensuring access to the Climate Guardians game is F2P it inherently increases the potential audience.
Climate Guardians is designed to stand on its own without any external alternative payment currency. This is the goal of the game alongside to have players be made aware of the destruction going on in the Amazon Rainforest.

Carbon - An In-Game Currency

Players have the choice to purchase Amber using the project's native tokens. Amber represents an in-game currency that can be used to purchase the following:
  • Resources: Resources are required to build or upgrade structures, technology, or train troops. Players may encounter insufficient resources when attempting any of the above actions. Players have the option to purchase bundles of resources that can be used immediately when consumed.
  • Speed-Up: Players can use Carbon to instantly complete a build, upgrade, research, or training queue by speeding up the time process. Purchasing Speed-Up boosters can also be manually applied by players to structures in the middle of a queue.
  • Crafting materials: Crafting materials can be obtained using Amber. Crafting materials are needed to permanently unlock a card or specific commander and troop upgrades.
  • Lootboxes: Players can obtain loot boxes with the Amber currency that contain cards, materials, and resources bundled together.
  • Packages: Players can obtain packages with the Amber currency that contain cards, materials, and resources bundled together in set predefined amounts.
  • Limited Time Tiered Packages: Players can obtain special packages with the Amber currency. These can only be purchased one time by the player each and contains scaling content with discounted prices.
  • Limited Time Packages: Players can obtain these limited-time packages with the Amber currency after reaching a specific tribe level. This limited-time package only lasts for 24 hours once the player has achieved the level.
  • VIP System: Players that have a certain amount of Amber in their wallet are given bonuses but do not have a direct effect on player leaderboards.

Play-To-Earn Functionality

Although players are able to play the game without any monetary investment, these players will be unable to mint or earn tokens from converting resources.
Players that have ownership of at least 1 commander, 1 troop unit and 1 Tree of Life asset will be allowed to build the Conversion Structure where they can spend a specific amount of resources and convert it into the premium currency of the game. This enables some limited play-to-earn functionality in-game.