The Seven Guardians

Who are the seven Guardians?

The first powerful manifestations of nature would sprout in a life-filled universe, acting as the guardians of the order that spawned them. But their service would be corrupted and twisted to instead be the destroyers of the cycle by the Jurupari, who tricked the guardians into believing them to be of his creation.
Along with the Curupira, the seven guardians derive their names and position as protectors from many different mythological creatures of Brazillian lore. Each one has the common trait of being believed to be some kind of defender of nature or the biome they inhabit. This is something that I felt would help explain why someone like Curupira could’ve at one point been pad of that collective.

Who is the Jurupari?

Jurupari is the manifestation of evil. Before taking upon the mantle of Jurupari, he took the form of a human whose malice and wickedness grew far beyond the control of the natural cycle itself, barring him from the natural order of all things. This exile to the endless would have him take his revenge against the powers that reject his place amongst the natural order and claim vengeance on its spawn.
The idea derives from the Brazillian myth of the Corpo-Seco: A man so vile and evil that the earth wouldn’t decay his flesh and the afterlife would reject his soul, damning him to wander the world as an undying corpse.

Where do the DAU get their powers from after switching to the side of Jurupari?

The Jurupari exists as a being beyond the scope of the Natural Order, and so their power manifests from the forces lurking outside its domain, that being the endless chaos. Before the Natural Order or the Cycle, all that reigned within the universe was the infinite chaos, but as life began to grow, that primordial force would be pushed further back and diluted. Now, the chaos exists as the domain of the Jurupari, who can then use this chaos to corrupt small parts of the Natural Order. This process creates the Corrupted Critters, creatures born from a mockery and parody of the natural order, a sort of “Chaotic Order” that seeks to destroy and replace its counterpart.

What are the other original seven guardians doing currently?

They are each carrying out their personal missions ordered by the Jurupari. Individually, they all have the capability to completely eradicate all life from a planet when given enough time to integrate. And so because of this, they each reside upon their own worlds, reigning as a god or hiding amongst the locals as a mere myth, biding their time as chaos disrupts the ecosystems.


After the discovery that Curupira had betrayed them, they will each one by one make their move towards their planet, ready to destroy their traitorous kin and finish the mission they abandoned.


Boitatà, the flame serpent: Currently resides on a planet that once brimmed with vigor and life, but now only holds a surface of eternal fire, shining brightly from space like a small star. Boitatà loves to relish within the ruins of planets they had decimated before moving on to the next, with the flames rejuvenating them like a sweet treat after a hard day of work.
Caipora, the mediator of the hunt: Currently resides in a world overrun by corrupted critters. He rides from region to region upon his own corrupted boar, making sure that the new prey he’s unleashed upon the planet clears out the prey.
Mapinguari, the devourer of all green: Currently slowly eating away at a planet’s forests, one tree at a time. While the populace may make their attempts at stopping his restless feast, as long as he continues munching his body can’t give in to any damage, making him a slow but unstoppable machine.
Caboclo d’Agua
Caboclo d’Agua, the king of the deep: Currently patrols the deep oceans of a planet, secretly and carefully depleting the waters of algae and other forms of ocean plants. Soon enough, the waters will be left without life, eventually leading toward the same to occur on the land, all while remaining relatively unknown to the land creatures.
Cobra-Grande (or Boiùna), the water serpent: Opposite to Boitatà, Cobra-Grande prefers to flood the worlds they are sent to destroy. Currently within the process of accomplishing this task.
Anhangà, the guardian angel: Currently growing a following upon a planet, having its creatures believe it to be a protector by using its power of illusions to misguide hunters away from what would-be prey. But given enough time and trust and Anhangä will use the same power to disrupt the entire natural order of the planet, causing confusion and chaos throughout the lands until all is gone in a sea of mania.