Mission & Vision

Climate Guardians' Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, develop, and provide an exciting and casual gaming experience for players alongside the building of a climate-positive community across the gaming industry. Climate Guardians will be the first Play-To-Preserve game to offset CO2 carbon credits alongside a climate-positive gaming experience through strategy-based gameplay with a variety of goofy characters and tribes that players can join. The Climate Guardians team is dedicated to offering users an opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and climate change as it is our goal to create awareness around this increasingly worrying topic. It is for this reason that the Climate Guardians team decided to build a meaningful treasury that involves real-world rainforest that can and will be governed by the Climate Guardians DAO.

Our Vision

Our vision has, and always will be, to create a fun family-friendly climate-focused game using latest game development tools to provide our players with the opportunity to make a positive impact on climate change through a fun strategy-based game. The team envisions Climate Guardians as one of the best climate-focused gaming projects in the industry.

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