The Climate Guardians team.
We have a team of 15+ members from all parts of the world including the UK, Argentina, Netherlends, Spain, Phillipines, Singapore, and Canada.

Stefan - CEO

LinkedIn - Stefan has 10+ years in the start-up scene and a PhD in Climate Economics.

Jeff - Game Director

LinkedIn - Jeff has 20+ years in the game design industry.

Ale - CFO

Ale has 10+ years experience in Finance and 3+ years in business and economic development.

Vincent - Head of Game Development

LinkedIn - Vincent has 7+ years in game design and live ops.

Anthony - Game Producer

LinkedIn - Anthony has 15+ years in game production and design.

Steen - Art Leader

LinkedIn - Steen has 4 years+ in the concept art industry.

Thomas - Developer

Github - Thomas has 2+ years of experience in solidity working in major marketplaces and games.

Felix - Game Developer

Felix has 10+ years in Unity game development.

Pablo - Head of Marketing

LinkedIn - Pablo has 10+ years in crypto trading and blockchain marketing.

James - Social Media and Community Chief

LinkedIn - James has 3+ years in social media and community management and engagement.

Nicolas - Head of UX/UI Design

LinkedIn - Nicolas has 12+ years in e-sports and blockchain branding development.