Land in Climate Guardians.


While guardians have their own main base of operations that has the Tree of Life in the center, guardians are also able to own Sterling Groves (SG) which allows the building of additional structures. These lands vary in rarity and that also categorizes how many buildable plots it allows the guardian to create structures on.


  • A different scene from the guardian’s main base that has the Tree of Life.

  • Has no central figure (no Tree of Life).

  • Can be accessed from the main base UI.

  • Has different rarities that determine the number of buildable plots.

  • Limited in amount to maintain a high value.

  • Can only have one active Sterling Grove per guardian.

  • Upgradable from Common to Legendary.

  • Can build both main base structures (Germinator, Fungal Grotto, etc.) as well their outpost variants (Outpost Germinator, Outpost Fungal Grotto, etc.)

  • If sold or traded, all structures built will then be moved to the guardian’s structure inventory.

Land Rarity

Common - Can build two additional structures.

Uncommon - Can build four additional structures.

Rare - Can build six additional structures.

Epic - Can build eight additional structures.

Legendary - Can build ten additional structures.

Land Upgrades

Land can be upgraded in Climate Guardians to allow players more building spots. A duplicate in Sterling Groves (of the same rarity) must be in the player's inventory as well as Land Fertilizer in order to proceed with the upgrade.

Land upgrade logic:

Common SG x1 + Common SG x1 + Land Fertilizer x1 = Uncommon SG

Uncommon SG x1 + Uncommon SG x1 + Land Fertilizer x1 = Rare SG

Rare SG x1 + Rare SG x1 + Land Fertilizer x2 = Epic SG

Epic SG x1 + Epic SG x1 + Land Fertilizer x2 = Legendary SG

(SG = Sterling Groves or Plot of Land).

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