The 4 Tribes of Climate Guardians.

Plant Tribe

Wearing various leaves as a sort of attire, the plant tribe exists as a rather quiet species that enjoy the ambiance of the natural world instead of filling it with their own chatter, believing to only speak when it’s of importance. While this belief has regarded them as bearers of wisdom according to the Curupira, it hasn’t stopped this code from being broken whenever the conversation of “the sun” is brought about, or what they refer to as “The juicy circle.” In which case, they will happily spend hours upon hours just conversing about how delicious and lovely the juicy circle in the sky is, and how every other tribe should try its delectable taste. Unfortunately for the Plant people, other tribes cant relate to the experience of relishing in a long sunbath, as they must gather their nutrients in other forms. The insects, for example, will from time to time get their nourishment by munching on the plant tribes treasured leaves, resulting in the repeated phrase, “If only you knew the taste of the juicy circle, you wouldn’t settle for my hat!”A phrase that, of course, the insects couldn’t understand.

Fungi Tribe

A very childlike species that doesn’t quite understand the current danger as much as the other tribes. While on their own, they might not have lasted for very long as a tribe, luckily they are guided by the “Collective mother”, a caring voice that’s manifested by the great fungi network or “Mycorrhiza” that makes up their city of Shroomania. While individual fungi may not be connected to the network while they are walking about, they instead have a single devoted speaker of the Collective Mother who remains connected to relay her words.

Insectoids Tribe

A hard-working species that places their pride in precision and honest labor. These can be considered the architects of the natural world, each one trying to surpass one another for the favor of the Queen Magnum opus. The tribe views her to be as near perfection as one could achieve, using her as inspiration and motivation for their work. While the Queen regularly shares her affection and love for her people, she also perpetuates a very strict work ethic, further exacerbating their already demanding labor.

Elementals Tribe

The living spirits of the natural order, these beings embody the core elements that shape and fortify the physical world. These spiritual creatures, like the guardians, were manifested to continue the preservation of the natural order. In their case specifically, they are in charge of fortifying the elements, which by proxy also fortifies the natural world.
The four types of elementals that one could encounter are:
The Golems, beings made from the very soil and dirt. They embody the strength and defenses of nature. While not very much for conversationalists, they instead choose to speak with their actions, acting mostly as patrolling sentinels for the rest of the Elementals.
The Sylphs, spirits that take after the grace and flow of the wind. While hiding within the invisible waves, you can sometimes hear their whispers like soft whistles in the air. Sylph embodies the voice and force of nature, using their power to wisp their enemies from their feet with their powerful winds. They also act as the scouts of the tribe, watching over the region and informing of incoming attacks.
The Salamanders, the life breathers. They represent the hearth and fury of nature. While fire can understandably be associated with destruction, fire can also represent the sun or the center of the earth, both things that are necessary for the growth of life. Still, without proper care, fire can bring about doom for the very thing it serves to create, much like the Salamanders, who each take great responsibility and restraint with their power. They provide warmth to the forest, utilizing only a fraction of their power to push away the coldness that would otherwise freeze all living things. Salamanders aren’t easily provoked, as they have trained themselves to control their temper so as to not misuse their fire. However, threaten the safety of their domain, and these small little reptiles won’t shy away from a bit of barbeque.
Finally, the Undins, perhaps the most powerful of all the Elementals. They wield the waters, representing the control and change of nature. They act as the arbiters of will, able to give and take, carving generous rivers for the prosper of animals, and yet can erode a city to rubble with just a mere wave. The Undins are always conversing, always willing for discussion, an attribute some of the other tribes find to be a bit excessive at times.